Monday, October 22, 2007

Clip-it-up wanna-be

So there is no way DH would let me spend the $ to buy a clip-it-up as cool and functional as they are! Sooo... I found a few tutorials on how to make my own, and viola!

I have to give MAD props to the people at RONA who made making this a dream. They chopped, and drilled for me, and threw in some extra wood pieces for stability under the base for free! Love them!

Anyhow, I ordered a cute cabbage finial from online, and spraypainted it a happy yellow. LOVE!

And as for clips? Well I needed a cheaper alternative than the real things, soooooo I went to a supply store and grabbed these self-adhesive plastic tab hooks for next to nothing. I have to say I'm proud of myself for finding such a cheap alternative! :)

Of course it has waaaaay more stuff on it now.. lol.


Sharie said...

That is an awesome clip it up! Love your clip alternative.

Shannon Wyman said...

Laura I LOVE THIS!! You have to explain to me in more detail how you did it!!

Kelli said...

Very cute!
I have clips that would work on it, they are for curtains.

Isabelle said...

very cool, you'll have to tell me how you did this, i want one too!

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