Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do you see what I see???


I can't see my pictures anymore in the last few posts.... Is that just me??

Hope this pic works.... It's me and my boogaboo... Everyone in the house is soooo sick! I think it's Norwalk, but we aren't 100% sure. AND, both boys have bad bad ear infections, and are on antibiotics. For Isaiah it's his second since we found out he's allergic to penecillin (sp?). Sigh.

I seem to be fine though thank-GOODNESS. Someone has to give multiple bath to each kiddo because they are covered in grossness from one end or the other.. Do the never-ending laundry, administer medicine on two different schedules, etc, etc... I am so getting the super-mom award of the week for this! Even A agreed I will need some retail therapy after this. And coming from A?? That means a LOT!! LOL. Hope your family's are healthier than ours! :)

1 comment:

just jennifer said...

I can't see the pictures b4 this post either!

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