Monday, February 25, 2008

Lucky Mommy..

Surely I am the luckiest mommy to have two awesome boys! Isaiah just turned THREE!!! I can't believe I have a three year old! So far it's been great, he is still spilling out new words everyday.

His favorite things to eat are..
Scrambled eggs
Apple sauce
Homemade smoothies
Turkey Bacon
& Grilled Cheese's

Favorite Toys:
Buzz Lightyear
Max & Ruby Dolls
Bubbles (blowing)
Comfy Town Computer Games
Anything with wheels

Favorite Books:
Paper Bag Princess
Pat the Bunny
Goodnight Moon
There's a wocket in my pocket
Any Curious George

Favorite Activities:
Swimming with Abby (which he asks for 10x a day)
Playing at the park
Backyard swing
Watching movies (I know, I know... bad mommy)
Playing with the neighbor kids
Chasing Griffin

Favorite Clothes:
None! *laugh*
Shirts with Buzz, Cars, and Spiderman

Ok, here are a few pictures of my trouble :)


Anonymous said...

he is adorable!!! love that you have a list of his favourites right now!!

i have a 7yr. old did that happen?? LOL!!

have a fabulous day!!

Isabelle said...

he's adorable. Mine is 3 too and Curious George and Cars are his favorties! i guess it's an age thing (well i actually really like Curious George too!)

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