Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scrapping Machine=me

I have been so incredibly inspired lately to scrap! I'm at my desk so often during the day it's amazing. And I'm loving what I create more than anything these days! I wish I could share it all, but most of it's tied up in a contest right now.
But, here is one I did on Sunday for a DT Entry.. (still crossing limbs for that.. :)

These best buddies are currently chasing each other around the room and giggling up a storm! I am such a lucky momma!!!

Griffin is SOOOO close to walking! I am so nervous and excited for him. I know Isaiah will just die and go to heaven when they can actually run after each other on two feet.. His favorite game is simply follow the leader :)

Oh, and "Mimming with BABBY".. which translates to swimming with Abby. His cousin, and best friend, she can do NO wrong in his eyes, and it's the cutest thing to see. Abby is the smartest little thing too, I love every chance I get to see her because the conversations we have just crack me up! Only 3months older than Isaiah, but YEARS ahead in talking.

Anyhow, I'm off to scrapbook.. ;) Here are some detail shots to peek at too.


Maria said...

very sweet layout :-) my two girls have always been best buddies too - it's the sweetest thing to watch!

Isabelle said...

gorgeous layout!~ love the colors and the little handmade touches.

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