Saturday, March 29, 2008

7 Random things....

As tagged by Aleks...

1. I am a bit OCD, and do strange things like constantly click my mouse.. which is a tad annoying since I'm always opening up links and doing things I don't mean to do. I just can't help it, if my finger is there I need to click! lol

2. I have major confidence issues. As in I have none... zero, zip, nadda.

3. I really really want to adopt, but can't afford to, and will probably never be able to convince DH anyways.

4. I really like Ampersands... I think they are pretty, and I am starting to collect them. ( "&" )

5. The smell of cat food would make me puke when I was pregnant.

6. At one time I had over 100 hamsters...

7. I used to show and breed rabbits.. Yes, there are rabbit shows just like dog shows

I tag anyone who needs an excuse to blog... lol. :)

1 comment:

Aleks said...

I'm with you on #2... I am sooooo down on myself and feel so gross. I've even lost 30+ pounds at one point (need to lose more) and never gained it back! and I still feel so gross..I'm ready to go to WW again...almost... it works.

And #3, made my jaw drop... I was thinking all your answers I was gonna be like me too, me too... but that's where it ends. I was just talking to DH about this today.

I got an excellent waist high, large bookcase for the kids at the thrift store (for $15 YAH!) and was putting books away (dont' worry I lysol wiped it first!) and there was one, "I love you like crazy cakes." it's so sweet, about adoption...and I was telling DH, since I was in about grade 3, I've wanted to adopt...and I still do... but he's not keen on it at all. :( I think he thinks he can't love an adopted child as much as his own flesh. If he even thinks that way, then it would be unfair to even try to discuss it further. *sigh*

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