Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My poor little blog has been on the back burner for a little bit. Things have been a bit on the crazy side here lately... I a have been getting lots of test done to rule things out, and have a pelvic ultrasound next month that I'm hoping brings answers to the table. I am experiencing quite a bit of pain, so I just haven't been up to much lately. Hoping for some answers soon. Sorry!

In a bittersweet note, I did not in the end make the Cosmo Cricket Design Team. I feel so honored to be in the top 12 though! And I am so happy for the six girls that did make it through, especially Danielle. She is so talented, be sure to check out her blog! :)

Although I've neglected the blog I've still been creating, so I'll post that tomorrow, or later tonight if the kiddo's get down early. In the mean time I went to a high school friends wedding on the weekend, and took these pics which I liked :)

Had to do a feet shot of DH and I... :)

I didn't have the greatest seat, and since my autofocus is dead it was hard to take pictures, but I loved this one. Can't decide if I like it in color or B&W though..... ??

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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