Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello October!!! :)

I am so excited for this month! Halloween is such a fun time, and I plan to make the most out of it this year! :)

I made a whole ton of Christmas Cards for challenges on 2peas, and thought I'd share my favorites!

So, I hope you enjoy them...

This one is based on Jennifer Johner's Challenge :)

These next two are based off Jennifer McGuire's two challenges:

This is based off Jennifer Pebbles challenge:

And the inside....

And inspired by Joy's Challenge (Also using the awesome Justcre8 grid stamp):

Last but not least is the card inspired by Cherie Mask's Challenge:

I am too lazy to link up all the challenges but I'm sure you can find them at 2peas pretty easily.

Thanks so much for looking!!!! :)


Lea L. said...

SUPER cute projects!! That last card is my very fave...I just love the little restroom people, and the fact that you added the santa hat....LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

love your work. these are no exception. T so much FS. hera

Linda Beeson said...

I love the NOTE TO SELF card!

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