Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy busy!!

So the kitty's name is Faedra (or just Fae), and the vet is veeeeeeeerry concerned because she is so skinny and so not playful. We bring her back next week, and she needs to have gained some weight or the vet will not be happy!! Switched the wet food I was giving her on top of her dry food, and she instantly LOVED it. So I'm pretty happy! At this point the vet just wants her eating something.. I never knew it would be so stressful. When she had her first poop after 3 days I nearly cried with happiness. lol

At least she is cute to warrent all this stress!

Speaking of cute... haven't shared any pictures of my boys lately, and thought I'd do so now :)

Cutest boys ever ;) Goofy hats courtesy of Gramma.

My big goofball... lol

My cute silly Finners

This is what brothers are for!!!

Ok, so I'm typing up this post the boys are playing nicely when all of a sudden Griffin trips, and goes face first into the floor! OMG! I scoop him up and there is blood pooling and spitting out of his mouth! His sweater is all bloody, and his face is a bloody mess! I don't even think I was breathing I was so scared!!!
I race him to the bathroom to access what is bleeding, and he calms down right away and starts demanding a bath... a sure sign he can't be THAT bad... lol.
Off goes the sweater, a good look at his mouth, and I find a lip which is bitten badly, but not too bad... Infact at this point he is even smiling... so I get the camera that is right there and snap a pre-bath picture for daddy. Who always seems to miss these panicky moments.

So here is my poor boy :(

A tiny cut on his forhead, and a fat lip... Still cute though... ;)
Well that was exhausting, and I'm going to end my post there... Will post some cards tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Lulu (who is too tired to even bother posting her siggy graphic.. lol)


Nicole said...

OH MY! That bottom lip - OUCH! I hope all is well! Just had to stop over and say that I appreciate your comment on mine! I enjoy your blog, too!

You are very talented!

Anonymous said...

Awww... he's a trooper! :) Love your pics.. your boys are adorable!

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