Monday, March 2, 2009

Tooting on Tuesday..

Hehe.. :)

I forgot to mention that I received a request for a Mini-Album! I am soooo excited, this will be the first thing I've had published other than cards! Plus it uses lots of Purple Onion Stamps, so I'm thrilled about that!

My very first pub(x4) is finally out in the March CARDS edition! I'm dying to see it, and keep stalking my Michaels but no luck yet.. :p

Plus I got a lovely message a bit ago asking me to create a page for an online magazine, and thought what the heck. So If you want to take a peek, here it is!
It's actually one of my favorite pages I've done in awhile :)

Now on to some Purple Onion Stamping goodness...

(As always you can click on the picture to see it bigger.....)

At the same time I also did a card.

That's all for now...

1 comment:

~dawne said...

CONGRATS girl on your pub!!! Love these projects too.

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