Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A what drove over your WHAT??

First up, a cute little card I did just for fun.

I decided to trim the Pink Paislee flower because I didn't like how long the outer petals were, and am much happier with it now.. :)

Patterned Paper: My Minds Eye
Sticker: Pink Paislee
Flower: Pink Paislee
Chipboard: K&Company
Paper Edge: Bazzill Basics
Pearls: Kaiser Crafts
Stick Pins: Heidi Grace, Craft Supply

This sweet sweet little boy who is now two... Makes me laugh every single day. He is full of stories and giggles, and always eating.

Today as I changed his diaper I noticed he was a bit red, so I said.

Me: "Awww.. are you a bit sore baby?"

Him: (And I quote) "A car drove over my p****". What??WHAT????

Yeah.. and knowing him? He probably did drive a car over his little parts. *sigh*
(And I'm not spelling the word out because I don't want bizzarro google hits to my blog, but I'm sure you get the drift.)

Boys are so much fun ;)


Kristi said...

Your card is adorable, I wish I had more patience in layering.

Boys, lol!

Melissa said...

oh my gosh - that is TOO funny!! ROFL! Thanks for the giggle. Only mom's hear these kinds of things!

Julie said...

Oh wow I love that card Lulu b ut love the pics even more. Thanks for the giggle too.

Ewonne said...

He, he... That is to cute! Love the pics of your boy ♥
And the card is darling!!

Ann Costen said...

LOL, he's a funny lil' guy and a cute one too!!! Love your card!!!

Isabelle said...

ROFL!!!!! that is too funny! boys.... i know what you mean!

love the cards btw!

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