Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy Busy...

Sorry for the little absence.... I've been a bit busy making stuff.... for something or other... *wink wink*
Stephanie thinks I'm the queen of cryptic, so this is me wearing my crown proudly. hehe Promise to share when I know I can :)

Oh, and we are ALSO the new owners of this baby (well.. similar :):

24"'s of wow.. I am in LOVE! :) :) :) :) :)
Although I have to admit, copy and paste? Seriously driving me UP the wall.
I can not get it to work from on browser to another. *huge pout* Any tricks/hints?

Moving on...
Have you seen this movie trailer??? I'm totally dying to see this movie! I'm a big Nicholas Sparks fan.

Not to mention I'm a fan of Amanda's.. and Channing isn't exactly hard on the eyes. I haven't
read this book yet, so I can't decide if I wait till the movie to know the ending, or if I just go
borrow the book from the library first. Decision, decisions....

Anyhow, I DO have a card to share. :) One of my last cards from my term on the Purple Onion
Design team. Sadly, my one year term is up, and I chose not to continue. Although I will still
do some work from time to time. I think I'm a one DT at a time kinda girl... :) Exceptions would
be made for October Afternoon though... hehe ;) I can dream.

Regardless, Michele has been amazing to work for, and the stamps are awesome, and I mean that!
I tried some unmounted rubber from other companies and was not impressed.

Stamps: Purple Onion Designs
Letter Stickers: Basic Grey
Glitter Letter stickers: Doodlebug
Metal Butterfly's: Making Memories
Stickers: Basic Grey

That's all folks.. take care!

Eta: I have no clue why my font sizes are wonky, nor why pics are suddenly much bigger....


Isabelle said...

that preview looks so good! i wish i could see your cards but they are not showing up for me... i'll check back later!

Diana said...

we switched to a MAC this year and I LOVE it! Not sure what you mean about the copying and pasting though....sorry I can't help you out! GREAT card!

Amy Heller said...

Mac's love their Safari and Firefox browsers - copy and paste - just learn your quick keys and you should be good to go- command C, command V, and undo is Command Z - good to know! HTH!

NLR said...

I have this Mac and love it's so pretty! The card looks great and oh my goodness...that movie trailer looks so sweet and thanks for posting it because I didn't know about it!

stephanie howell said...

sneaky sneaky sneakkkkky!!!!
congrats on the mac!xo

Jen said...

Would love to feature you on my blog Can you email me at if you are interested? ;)

Laurel said...

Lovely card! I received the blog candy in the mail today! I was pleasantly surprised by all the goodies! Thank you so much!

Christy said...

We made the switch back in the summer, and I could never go back. It is love ;)

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