Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smile :)

Here are two cards I did up as options for CHA for older lines, but these cards are staying home with me ;) Actually, the surprising thing for me is that I will have MORE layouts than cards at CHA. How funny, since I consider myself much more of a card maker. lol. I'll share them soon too.

I have to say that that is one thing I LOVE about Cosmo Cricket. You can still get all their older lines. So if you have a favorite, and use it up, it's not just gone. Scrapbook.com is the best place I've seen to buy past lines. They have an amazing selection of Cosmo stuff. :)

All Snorkel in this card.

And all The Boyfriend supplies in the card above.

Hope you enjoy!


Luz Maria Bruna said...

Those cards are adorable!!!Love all related with cosmo!!!

Wendy Sue said...

Super cute cards!! :o)

Jenyfur said...

I do enjoy! These are so fun and vibrant.

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