Thursday, February 18, 2010


Am I the last to know about "pounce" on etsy?! I seriously wasted HOURS today on there... ok, not wasted, well spent ;) It is incredibly cool to see all the things that were just bought. I must have added 50 fav's!

Anyhow, as is the norm. over here, the computer with photoshop is dead, so I have nothing new to post *ARGH*... But I thought I'd share my cards from the Jan. issue of CARDS.


Have a great one!! I'm super bust right now too planning my DS's 5th birthday party which is on Sunday. It's a Mario/Sportball party. Yeah.. lol :)


~dawne said...

So glad you posted these. I wasn't in that issue so I didn't get to see your beautiful creations. They have a habit of getting snagged up "right after" you post them on your blog:)

Jane said...

LOVE LOVE them all!!

Kelly said...

I love your cards! I love etsy. My husband has a woodturning shop on there. It is easier for shops to get lost among the many shops. I have used pounce, too!

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