Sunday, April 4, 2010

March Pubs

Now that it's April, can share my Pubs from March. These were all in CARDS magazine. Which is such an amazing mag... I really love it to bits! The April mag is a good one too... ;) ;) ;)

Thanks so much for all the well wishes about this baby.. I am so thankful for them.
And just so very excited about it all, if that wasn't already Even though it's super early I'm really thinking it's another boy. Which is ok. I can see advantages to remaining the only princess in the house. ;) Having a name picked out early is good for me too. It's helping me to really picture a little boy and build love up already. Obviously I'd love the child no matter, but I've always pictured a little girl, and letting go of that dream will sting a little bit, and that's ok. I think it's a valid feeling, and It won't last long anyways before I'm so filled with love there will be no room for anything else.
Ok, done babbling. hehe

HAPPY Easter!!! God is so very good!


Jane said...

Yes God is GOOD! And Happy Easter!
LOVE LOVE your cards!!

Keshka said...

Love the cards...excited to hear what name you pick! I love names--I randomly scroll baby name sites just to find interesting ones:)

scrapcat said...

Congrats on your pubs! Your cards are absolutely gorgeous!

Carla G. said...

God is so good and we are all so blessed! Congrats on ALL of your exciting news....can't wait to follow your success!

Kathleen said...

These are so cute!!! Love ur style!


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