Monday, July 26, 2010

Mitten Weather

Which, thank goodness it's not! I'm certainly enjoying this warm weather.. :)

But Mitten Weather is a fabulous Chistmas line by Cosmo Cricket however, and I thought I'd share some of my work with it so far.

First up is one of my favourite layouts in awhile. I just love the pic of my boys, and I got to do lots of fun sewing. Once again, I'm in LOVE with these Cosmo Chipboard Alpha's too. Love love love! I didn't have the red letter that match yet, but I planned to finish the layout with adding "Bubble" above the "beards". And in the red frame under the picture with the new tiny type alpha's "Just like Santa".

Of course, a card :)

Another layout. I told you I love purple, right??? ;)

And lastly a wall hanging which I am a wee bit bummed to see go to CHA, because I loved it SOOOooo mcuh! But, the good part is I can simply re-create it again. And honestly I need a spot for a third list now too, don't I?!

Have a great Monday!!!
I decided to do some theme weeks for August with my kids, and this week is "Bird" week. I'll keep you updated on the crafts and activity's we do if anyone is interested. I'm so excited about this, and wonder why I didn't do it sooner?? :)



em said...

I'm so glad that companies are getting away from the traditional Red and Green for Christmas. And, I would take Mitten Weather over the weather we are having now any day!! ;)

Michelle said...

That mitten weather line is so cute!!

I hope you enjoy your themed week with your boys!! Please share more details when you can! :) Love some ideas to things with my 3 yr. old little boy.

Keshka said...

So cute! Love that first LO especially!

Just a simple gal said...

Your work is lovely!

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