Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting ready..

The countdown is on, and my nesting is in full gear! Thought I'd share some peeks into said nesting. ;)

So, for now we don't have a room for the baby, so he will be with us for awhile. We needed somewhere for his clothes, diapers, etc. So we bought this from Ikea. I promise the green is not as garish as it looks in this stick photo. The only difference is we have a white front on the middle door. breaks it up and makes it look nicer. :)
And, inside it.... It makes me so happy to open it and touch his things, hold his blankets, etc. sigh. :) It's been my "happy place" these past few months.

I had some flannel left over from a different project so I threw together some wash clothes. It was fun to experiment with some new stitches too!

Lastly a little blanket I made up. I had been planning on a real quilt, but well, time and life got in the way :( Hopefully as a 1st birthday gift or something.. In the mean time though, I love this blanky, and the star minky is so soft and cute!!

The ribbon loop on the right is my fav! I sewed on the fuzzy ric rac from American Crafts to some simple white grosgrain, and it looks so cute! :)

More American Craft ribbon....

Btw, make sure you stop by tomorrow I will actually have some scrappy stuff up! Shocking, I know! Oh.. and you just might have a chance to win something too! ;)

1 comment:

Keshet said...

The blanket is adorable! Love it! How crazy is it that he's almost here!

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