Friday, March 4, 2011

Big baby

So, my sweet pumpkin is 3months old!  Gah!  
Here are a few shots of him taken with the good old iphone.  The real ones I haven't edited yet :)

This is his "Moooooom, I am so done face"

At 3 months Everett:

Likes to nap, and fall asleep for the night (transferred after obviously ;) in his swing with his soother in his mouth, and the heater on for white noise.  Geesh he's a picky kid!

Has made it through his first big sickness, a chest infection.  It was SO hard to see him so sick and be able to do nothing :(

Doesn't really like anyone but Mommy holding him, including Daddy.  He sticks out his bottom lip for a moment and then full on screams. lol

Is starting to find his brothers funny

Does not like tummy time, or heck even back time on the floor unless Mommy is RIGHT there.  

Loves to be naked, and smiles as soon as his clothes come off.

Has his fists in his mouth all the darn time.  I'm pretty sure he must be teething already.  Once he even had a fist and the soother in there at the same time.. hehe

Is a drool machine, and has mastered creating "bubble beards" for himself.

His current nick names are "Big Baby" (a'la Toy Story 3, said in a loving way),Ev,  Ever, Ever-Bever, Everett Beverett, Poop-a-potamus, Funny Bunny, Bunny Boy, Stinky Binky boy, Little man.

And, for good measure, a card :)

Card Base: Autumn Leaves
Sentiment Sticker: SRM Stickers

Btw, if you are looking for all the new Cosmo Cricket, and I hope you are!  I just saw it's available at 2peas now!
 Go check it out!!! :)

Also?  Have a GREAT weekend!

1 comment:

Jane said...

OMG!!!! Can I just SMOOSH him!!!!!! I recognize that 'I'm done' face!!!! :) my kids still give it to me!

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