Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My heart is heavy..

A childhood friend of mine passed last month, and I learned of it a few days ago.  We were not close these days, the odd message on facebook, but no real friendship.  But my heart is still heavy as I think of the two little girls she has left behind.  Too young to understand where their mother has gone.  And I can't help but really think about what a gift scrap-booking could have been to her girls.

Granted I may live to be an old fragile woman whose children grow old of my stories and pages.  But what if I don't.  What if I too suddenly pass away.  Would my boys remember me?  Certainly Everett would not. Griffin at 4 might have the odd glimpse of a memory.. It is breaking my heart just thinking of it.  I want them to know me... to know what they mean to me.  So, I am vowing to do more scrap-booking, desperate scrap-booking (2 pages a day), to get all those feelings out just incase.  To lessen this weight on my heart, to record those memories they will forget without me.

Of COURSE I will still be making my cards :)  But I think there will be a lot more scrap-booking on here, so if you only come for cards then I  apologize for the sudden change of tone.

Because of this I have really found a groove.  I have a picture size I'm in love with, and I have gone back to my 8.5 by 11 ways.  I'm in LOVE with scrap-booking again.  Who'd have thought?  Not I.


Chipboard: My Minds Eye
Button: Basic Grey
Ribbon: American Crafts

Take care, be safe, hug your loved ones!

And also THANK-YOU for all the love on my last post.. you guys are so very kind.  I am a lucky girl.


Carla G. said...

I'm sorry to hear of your bad news. Death never comes at a good time. And, I would have to say that one of the BIGGEST rewards I get from my scrapbooking would have to be watching and listening as my girls look through the pages I have completed for them. I hear their memories and their stories from times past. They always make my heart smile and I'm so happy to be around to hear it.

I love the stitching on your pages. I have never tried stitching over chipboard but I will have to soon! Have a good weekend!!

Keshet said...

So sorry about your friend, Laura. Even if it's not a close friend it just shakes you up. Your layouts are always so touching, and this one is no exception.

Laura Davis said...

I am so sorry for your loss Laura, life is so short. Big Hugs! Your LO is stunning. You have me all a teary mess this morning! :)

Brooke said...

I've always followed for your cards but your layouts are just as amazing. And as you say a true gift. I think keeping a blog acts as showing the real you too and fantastic for documentation.

So sorry for your friend and her family.

Michelle said...

I don't know how I missed this page! I am so sorry to read you lost a friend, even though you two weren't close, I am sure it was still hard. I love your pages as much as your cards. This one is no exception. It is beautiful.

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