Saturday, July 14, 2012

Baby love...

It seems to be the season for babies :)  I know so many people expecting, or just having had a baby!  I need to up my stash of cards, so I decided to use one of the cutest Silouette files.  I used October Afternoon Cakewalk to decorate the card, and some of my favorite Prima jewels.

I've got the exact same cut file ready to make a sweet boys version too.  I'll just trim away the scallops on the finishing edge pieces.  Hopefully I'll have some free time tonight to work on it :)

So how is the weather where you are?  It feels insanely hot here, and I'm trying not to complain because I did enough of that when our spring was so miserable, I shouldn't complain now that summer is here in full force!  I won't lie that a few degree's cooler would be nice so the boys could play outside with out turning into sweaty, grumpy, creatures.  hehe!

I'm linking up to the products I used at TwoPeas, and can I just say how great it is that they carry ATG now??  LOVE it :)

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Nicole Nowosad said...

wow!! how cute is that!!! so excited to be working with you for Pebbles!

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