Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pinterest Bleach shirts!

Like most of us, I love Pinterest, and usually do more pinning than executing of ideas, but when I saw this idea I did it that night! These were so fun to do, and my boys just love them, and are so quick and proud to tell people that I made these shirts for them :) so sweet!

Please go check out the original site to see instructions, and her awesome tee's!

For Isaiah's shirt I used freezer paper and the exact same design as the tutorial I followed because he liked it.  Now I don't know if I use TOO much bleach, but mine bled through big time.  In the end though?  I'm actually really loving the bleedy look on this shirt, and he  hehe

So while I loved the first shirt I decided I wanted to have my design a bit crisper.  So I pulled out some vinyl for my Silhouette machine, and used that.  it worked WAY better, although obviously it raises the cost compared to freezer paper.  You can also see I was a little more conservative with my bleach spraying.

Need some Vinyl??  Well you are in luck because 

Then to make it stretch a bit further I used the letters from the red shirt to make this cute little one for my baby.  Who, sigh.  is no longer a baby but a crazy busy toddler.  BUT, my baby he will always be.  Poor kiddo ;)

So there we have it!  My latest Pinterest project!  Any interest in seeing more things like this on my blog?  Let me know! :)


Michelle said...

These are really cool!!! I know what you mean about the baby of the family. My "baby" is going into kindergarten next month. :`( He will always be my baby too. ;)

janet said...

thanks for posting this!! I made sure to pin it and now I have to make some! And by the way, my babies are 12 and 10. It never goes away!!! Love your blog!

Isabelle said...

i LOVE it! i have a few plain Ts for the boys i could totally have fun with. thanks for the link!

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