Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A new adventure

You may or may not have noticed, that I'm slowing changing things over from "Evidence of a good life" to "Paperlulu".  I'm making this change because I wanted a domain name, and after getting very frustrated that the site I wanted was unavailable I chose Paperlulu.com  Why?  Because Lulu is my real nickname, and it's also the username I've used since I started out in the crafting world.  Paper?  I should think that's a bit obvious ;)  I like to play with pretty paper!  :)

So while I'm stilling plugging away at my site, I have the domain name linked here to my blogger blog until I'm ready to make the switch.  Why am I explaining this now?  Because I just opened and posted my first video on my personal youtube channel (apaperlulu), and I'm wanting to start sharing those video's now.  Since uhm.  I might not have the new blog ready till my kids are graduated high school at this rate.  hehe!  

This is first card I made with my new video camera, let me know what you think, here or on youtube!  
Thanks for going on this adventure with me, I hope I'll have many more video's to share in the future now here and as long as they will have me, still with TwoPeas :)

Please forgive my "uhming" ways.  It's a hard one to break ;)

And the supplies I used today!


Michelle said...

yay to your own domain!! Fab card as always!!

Meghan said...

I really appreciate that you make the videos to inspire us. The noise never bothered me in the least. I really love this card! Good luck on the website!

cheryl said...

So happy you will be sharing your videos with us on Youtube! I'm a big fan of yours. :) Love the way you make your cards. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Melissa said...

yay to your own domain!! Fab card as always!!

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