Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I thought I'd share some valentines I made with Fancy Pants Designs supplies.

I'm a sucker for Valentines, and I can't stop making them even thought I really only have one valentine.. ;)  lol.

I used a run of the Wink of Stella glitter pen on this card, covering all the flower petals and the centre.  I also ran the pen along the two sides of the "greatest" banner, which looks lovely in person, although perhaps a little hard to see in the photographs.

And I'm sorry, no detail shot for this second one as I can't seem to get it off my memory card.

I haven't blogged in awhile because there seems to be a never ending strong of bugs in my house and man have I been exhausted!  I can't wait till the day when all of my children can reach the toilet when they need to barf.  I wish projectile puke clean up on no one!!!  BLECH.
Then I had a cut that got infected, and I'm on the worst antibiotics ever.  They seriously smell like cat pee, and make my stomach angry.

I long for warmer summer days, and less flu/cold bugs!!  Amen.

Hope your household is healthier than mine :) :) :)


Michelle said...

Awww... Laura. So sorry to hear about the flu going through the house. Oddly enough, of all my kids, my littlest is the only one to make it to the bathroom when he gets sick. So glad for that. But then, I have plenty of pets around here that once in a blue moon end up throwing up. Yuck. And why always, always on the carpet???

I too am wishing for spring - kind of. Time for me is going at warp speed. So I don't want to wish it to go any faster.

Cute Valentine's Day cards.

Unknown said...

Those are really nice potential presents for the occassion. Thanks for sharing that! Anyway, it would really be absolutely best without that whole bug business interfering with the otherwise good vibes. I hope you get that taken cared of as soon as possible. All the best!

Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest

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