Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Down for the count. Pneumonia.

Well..  Pneumonia sucks!  lol.  It started with the Flu as I mentioned last post, and after about 24hrs of feeling better, I went on a downward spiral and just kept getting worse.  Then I ended up in the ER and had X-rays and blood work done to find out I had Pneumonia.

(ps.  my autocorrect made it say bloodworm instead of work.  Glad I saw that or that would have been weird. ;)

I am finally, finally starting to feel like my normal self.  Summer is here, and I can't wait to spend more time in my craft room!

I made this card yesterday with some older, yet favourite stamp sets. I loved making the bottom half of the card with my stamp-a-ma-jig.  It's not perfectly stamped, but I don't mind.  I tried to make it gender friendly.

I made the sentiment simple with a "happy" die from Simon Says Stamp, and cut it out of vellum.  Vellum is sometimes tricky to adhere but I just used the tiniest dabs of glossy accents on some of the letters and it's not visible thankfully. Phewf! :)

For an added detail above the stamping I used a Lawn Fawn arrow die, and just inlaid it back with the white cuts.  Then finished the card with some enamel dots.

Also wanted to share the photo of my growing little man…  how sweet is he? :)

Anyhow, Thanks for stopping by!

Hope your summer is starting off well :) :) :)


Michelle said...

Oh no!! Pneumonia is no fun at all. I am glad you are on the mend. I love your card, but then I think everything you make is so pretty. I can't believe how big E is getting!!! Hope the boys are enjoying their summer.

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GabyCreates.com said...

Hope you have healed! missing you out here in the crafty world!

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