Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons! The colors are simply wonderful, and I'm not the one raking the leaves. Oops.. did I say that? Lol. I think I did. Sorry Andrew, but it's true!

Griffin was so into the leaves! He wanted every one in his mouth, and I let him taste a few. It's funny how things change with the second kid. With Isaiah, I would have been horrified and snatched away every leaf. Second kids are so freeing... you don't have as much stress. I highly recommend it! :)

I just don't have much to say right now...Sorry!

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Holly said...

Hi Lulu! I came across your blog from over at the Poppy boards, and I'm relly enjoying it! Love your version of the Clip-It-Up! It looks even better than the real thing all painted up like that. :0) And, your boys are adorable! Those pumpkin pictures are adorable. :0) Have a great weekend!

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