Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another year gone by....

I can hardly believe Christmas has come and gone once again. This year was a strange transition for me. I am usually so giddy, and excited, and dancing on tip toes at the thought of opening gifts, and giving gifts. I am sad that I didn't feel that same excitement this year, but am ok with that since the void was filled with a more laid back excitement of getting to see the wonder on my kids faces. The only thing is that there was little wonder to be seen. I had hoped that at almost 3 Isaiah would be much more into Christmas, but no. He begged to watch Curious George on Andrews laptop, so we had to sit and open his gifts for him. He did enjoy things once they were opened, but had no cares as to how they got there or where they came from. Really I can't complain... materialism isn't something I want to push on the kids anyhow, but as this was a transition year for me I felt sadly and strangely like a grown up. That can't possibly be right can it??

That said I had a wonderful time with all our friends and family that came to visit! There was so much laughter, even to the point of tears. I thrive on being around loved ones, so that was my true gift this year :) Want to spoil me? Come over and play Balderdash, or Rummolli and you will be on my good list for a long time :) We are simple home bodies through and through.

Btw, the ornament is one that I gave Isaiah for his first Christmas. He calls it a "muffin", and that is just why I bought it. He is my muffin, and my sweet heart. A cupcake was the closest I could find! It is also going to be the inspiration for something dear to my heart.... A logo perhaps? :)

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