Friday, April 11, 2008

Finding what works...

So I finally created a storage system for my alphabets, rub-ons, etc. And it works! Great! I had in an effort to save money created my own clip-it-up, even blogged about it awhile ago. I thought I loved it at the time, but I was wrong. SO wrong! It was so annoying, and if you pulled something heavy off to use the whole thing flopped to one side, and ugh. Not to mention just HOW much desk space it took up. Not cool when you are lacking in desk space. So I said to myself. "Self... how can I make a cheap, yet functioning storage system!?" It turns out I had almost everything I already needed. The best part is that this is SOOOOO easy to replicate, quick, and cheap. I seriously considered patting myself on the back, but refrained. lol

What you need:

Peg Board
Lamp rod
Peg board brackets (or whatever they are called)
Zippy things (Lets just pretend thats the correct name ok?)
Lamp Finial (If you want to get all fancy, and I know you do)

Sorry the pictures are so miserable, but I just can't find the time to shoot them nicely... and rest assured my desk is looking a lot cleaner now thank-you very much :) BTW, If you need a better look just click on the picture to see it up close and personal.

I bought a lamp rod (under $2), used 4 brackets I already had (they retail around $1.50 each), and then used 8 tiny zippy things to crisscross over the pole and the bracket to secure them together. If you have the ability to weld, I'm sure it would look much nicer than they zippy guys, but alas I do not, so it works for me :)

The best part is because you've used a lamp rod you can attach a pretty finial at the ends. I have a little yellow cabbage I had used on my former clip-it-up, that I took apart. It makes me happy :)

So there you have it... so cheap, easy and OMG it holds sooo much stuff! I am one happy scrapper now that I see things. I am a very visual person, and if I can't see it, I don't use it. I am having fun actually using my stash now that I can see it all! I have 2 pegboards in my room, and plan on adding another one to my area. Oh, and I LOVE that it doesn't take up any desk space! It was such a wasted area before, and now it's fanfreakingtastic.

- L


Isabelle said...

looks great!

Aleks said...

wow, it's awesome!!!
Really want to do this too, but I don't have space right now. :(

Sharie said...

This looks like a great set up. Good for you for putting it together!

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