Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Very Excited!!!

So today I made a big step... I am now the proud owner of a Domain name. Yes Siree I have my own dot.com!! I still have quite aways to go before I'm open to the public, but I'm excited! I haven't been taking any photography clients, even though I keep getting requests *blush*... Switching to digital has been trying for me, so I want to make sure I'm 100% confident in my abilities before I charge people their hard earned money! I've just had an editing breakthrough though..... I seriously want to re edit every single one of my photo's because they all look off to me now! So for now I'm working on a logo, website, and honing my skills. Exciting stuff!

So thats my exciting little news for the day :)
I think I'll leave you with a few pictures of my babies...

Actually, I'm not quite done... lol. As I add my signature I thought I'd explain how and why Lulu.... in case you ever wondered. Nope, it's not my given name. My name is actually Laura. Which to tell the truth I've never been fond of. Through out the years I've had a few nick names that have stuck. Amongst my close high school friends I was more often than not called Sally. Which is not much better than Laura, but there was another Laura in the group, so I became Sally. Then when I started dating Andrew (eight years ago!) I met his step dad for the first time and he started calling me Lulu. I have no idea why!...? But it stuck! So now Andrew (DH), MIL, FIL, and others call me Lulu. Which certainly wouldn't have been my first choice but I've grown to love the title. So there you have it. Call me whatever you like! Laura, Lulu, Hey You, whatever :)


Christy said...

Very exciting indeed! You will have to keep us updated on how things go. I know what you mean too about wanting to go back and re-edit photos, I am having the same urge now too.

Good Luck.

Isabelle said...

well personally i really like the name "lulu" i think it suits you (well your picture, because i don`t know you personnaly all that much)and a big congratulations on all the contest you won.
and another big congrats on your dot.com i can`t wait to see your website, i`m a huge fan of your pictures and if you didn`t live so far away i`d hang out with you all the time to try and get some tips...*wink* don`t doubt your talent, you are very, very good.

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