Friday, April 25, 2008

Some outdoor fun...

We had my darling niece over the other day and while it was getting later in the day I took the kids outside for a quicky photoshoot :) They were so well behaved for me! I think having Abby there made Isaiah actually sit still for a few minutes which is amazing! lol

This is a three part sequence where I asked them to kiss... I loved the last picture as they both wiped the kiss away! lol!

Btw, I used Pioneer womans actions for the B&w conversion. It's very strong and full of contrast, but I love it!

After we'd been out for awhile Andrew came out with G-man, and let him wander around. I shot this gem when Griff took off down the path.....

He just took off running. I can't get over how darn cute he looks... almost too small to be walking :) I'm such a proud mama bear!
And even though Andrew looks like a loon, I love this shot too...
(Except now that I see it here I see it needs more warmth to it, but I'm not going to fix it right now... :P )


Kathy Bishop (aka scrappinkat) said...

lol that is so funny! Kinda like ewwwwww ;)

I might have to go find her action, I like the conversion.

Congrats on the domain! I will be looking for your site when you are done :D

Anonymous said...


Your photography skills are amazing! This is the first time I have visited your blog (got the link from Twopeas) I don't normally respond to blogs at all, but when I saw your photos, I was so taken in by them. I love photography too, but no where near the pro I would like to be.

Congrats on your domain, I have still yet to find my dream of doing something of my own and not working for someone else.

Your children are precious - cute story about the banana. Reminds me of my husband's two nephews (who are brothers) They are grown now, but that was the typical behavior they had as kids - very curious - playful.

Thanks again for sharing.


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