Sunday, May 25, 2008

Luck is on my side....

Things have been a little on the crazy side here lately!!! I don't really even know where to start this post, only that it will probably be enormous.. lol :)

I think I'll start with some thank-yous!!

The first goes to Scenic Route, and Layle...
I had won a RAK on her blog that was of a ton of Scenic Route die cuts she had done up. I was very excited to win, and mentioned how it came at a great time for me since I'd just blogged about my darn cat ruining my Providence papers I'd just boughten. With me not working and DH a student there was no way I could afford to replace it, and was kinda bummed! So the little RAK cheered me up big time, and perhaps saved one of Andromina's 9 Lives.... hehe

The RAK came super quick, and I was shocked when a big package arrived.. Just how big are these Diecuts?! Well they sent me the WHOLE Providence line too!!!

Now there is a company with CLASS! So yes, I am so thankful to Layle, and SR! Love them!

Here is the first thing I made with it, and am sending it back to them! :)

On with the gratitude!!! :)

Next goes to TwoPeas...

Back on National Scrapbook Day I spent most of my day on their forums chatting it up and having a blast! It was so fun because there was always someone there and a laugh to be had, and inspiration to be found. I was lucky enough to be one of the winner of one of the chats! Again, I was pretty darn excited about that! I actually won one last year too, and got some BamPop papers and a little stamp... So I was expecting something similar!

I was flabergasted when a large box arrived on my door step! I thought my mom must have ordered something off our Ebay account again..
Nope! It was a huge box of American Craft, and Fiskars goodness!

I told you I was lucky!!! lol :)

I haven't had the chance to dive into it like I'd like to so far, but I have made this card with some vinyl stickers, and the pink photo turns, which I LOVE!

This card is very similar to the other one I posted since when I make cards I tend to cut a piece of cardstock in half, and make two similar cards at the same time. So they both have the tone on tone Versamark stamping technique, and a horizontal theme.

This card ties into my NEXT thank-you! I know, I know, but this is what happens when you slack on blogging and have to do a big 'ol catchup post!

I entered the "hello" card on the weekly Hero Arts blog challenge ..and I got a second place prize ! So very excited for that! Hero Arts makes some cuuuuute stamps! They were the first stamps I ever bought :)

Thanks Hero Arts!!! :)

This has taken longer than I thought it would to do, so I'm not going to get to everything I'd wanted to.. *pout* but I'm yawning and poor Griffin has fallen asleep on the couch from exhaustion!

I want to share this picture of my brother and SIL though.. I love it! :) They are so cute! I'll share more from that shoot soon, promise!


HapEMomE said...

Wow! That is so cool for you!! Congrats on winning those prizes!! I love all those AC thickers! :) I love your work and that black and white picture is adorable!

Queen of Paper said...

OH I LOVE THAT PHOTO AND that is a very cute card

laura vegas said...

congrats on all the fun goodies!!! and that photo is awesome!

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