Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More pictures....

Of my handsome brother and his wife! :)

This first shot is just SO my brother! You have no idea... lol :) He saw a rope swing over a
stream, and before I could even set up my camera he's flying across!

He makes it look easy right?? Well after a few shots I felt left out so I thought I'd try it too! OH MY GOSH! I am so not a kid anymore.. :( My SIL warned me that on the return swing your arms pull down but I didn't really listen, and I came with in a inch of falling in! Before the shoot had even started! It made me sad, because you take things like that for granted as kids, and all of a sudden it's not so easy, and it hurts! My shoulder killed me for days after....

Feet shot... no shoot is complete without one!

Ok, this next series makes me smile big time! Love it!

Those are my favorite of the bunch :)

I also wanted to share a LO with you... It's brought me luck in that It was part of my entry for JustCre8, and it got chosen as pick of the day by Kristina @ Twopeas... Unfortunately is was also part of my non-winning HOF entry.. lol. Can't win 'em all!!!!
(My apologies if you are visiting from WB, I'm sure that paragraph made no sense! hehe)


laura vegas said...

these are such fun shots! the one of your brother swinging is great! and love the ones blowing dandelions ... funny how i thought of that last night too. lol! i'm the same way too ... always watching someone doing something crazy and thinking "i could totally do that" ... and realizing that there is NO WAY i could do it. lol!

loved that layout when i saw it on 2peas a while ago!

Isabelle said...

you're pics are amazing! i just love your pitter patter LO, it's so great! so. did your brother fall in? You SIL and Bro are so cute in that series of pictures, i really like the last one.

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