Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art lives here.

My mom bought Zay his own set of water colors... needless to say he had a blast with them! He is asking to paint everyday... who am I to say no to that???

He likes pink :)

Forget that paint-brush thing... a finger will work just fine..

Well if one finger works..... why not four? ;)

I didn't have much time to create today, so I stuck with a card... hope you like it! Lots of American Crafts here with a little K & Co. for good measure.. :)

So... I know I've posted about what the cat dragged in before.. but soon I will share her next "present"..err.... "presents".
:( I've already sewn an extra bell onto her collar, I think it's time for a third bell! oy!


Kristin said...

You are much braver than I am. My son's loves to paint but I just haven't gotten up enough courage to let hime go to town. Maybe we will think about it this afternoon. By the way, I love your blog.

Isabelle said...

Brady loves to paint too! we can't stand in their way now can we! i just LOVE your lemon card, it's really awesome!

Gabrielle said...

Now that's brave...if I gave my lil guy watercolors...oh geez, I shudder just thinking about it!

CUTE card! Love the yellow inking!

happydays525 said...

I absolutely adore this card! Makes me smile!

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