Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fat free & Sugar free!

Well, I'm sure I got your attention with that now didn't I!!! hehe

Aren't we all looking for something fat & sugar free? Well I've found it! lol... Cosmo Cricket Rub-ons! I got such a giggle out of this... sorry, I'm a dork like that. :)

Just take a peek at the label... (sorry, bad picture...)

And the layout I made with said rub-ons! It's been awhile since I made a layout with a big picture... I just wanted the focus to be on the picture. He is seriously the happiest kid around! Everyone who meets him is always remarking about how happy he is... Oh, and cute ;)

So... I mentioned the other day about the other present the cat brought me... Well, I didn't take a picture of IT (your welcome), but I did take a picture of the message I received bright and early that morning... yuck!!

I'm sad to say in the following days we were "gifted" with #'s 3&4... :(

Oh, I almost forgot.... HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!! :)

Psst.. you know what I wish about blogger? When you are creating a post, the screen is soo tiny, yet they have all this empty white space below that... Dude, what's up with that????


kathj said...

Love the lo!

vtpuggirl said...

Your layout is so cute! Thank you for the comments on my blog, I wish I could be confident, but I'm nervous. And I cut paper when I'm nervous. A lot of paper. I hope they take us both!

Gabrielle said...

Great LO! Love the pic! What a ham!

Thanks for the fat free sugar free rub on peek....never even noticed! HAHA!

Aleks said...

totally cute layout, I love these CC papers.

BTW: I pointed out the fat free, sugar free thing on a MB like at the same time you made this post....weird in a sci fi kind of way! ;)

Isabelle said...

that LO is sooooo cute! he does look like one happy kid!

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