Monday, June 9, 2008

So thats the sound that crickets make.....


:) I know you people are stopping in, but you sure aren't commenting! It's ok though... Kind of like the dust bunnies under the book case. Oh I know they are there... I may not see them, but I know.

Secondly I think its really odd that the less I post, the more traffic I get! Whats up with that? Is that some sort of dig at my blogging? lol I hope not! :)

So if you are needing a challenge, I posted a fun one at JustCre8 that you should check out! This card is one of my examples...
I made it from a MayaRoad chipboard album! I just used my cropodile, and added more holes on the one side for lacing my ribbon. Just remember to tie it loosely so you can still open it up for your sentiment. It also has some Pink Paislee PP, American Crafts rub-ons, and K&Co chipboard. And of course some stickles :)

So anyhow, I also wanted to share this video I took of my eldest who stole the neighbor kids skateboard.... sigh. He was having SO much fun! He is such a thrill monkey. This video is after I'd convinced him to use a flatter driveway. Which btw was still WAY too steep for my likings... I figured he was going to knock his front teeth out! Thankfully he survived the 100 trips into the curb. lol

Please, please excuse my voice... I think I sometimes still talk "baby" to him... lol

What is it......3 more days till the 13th? :( I really don't want to turn 27. I'm happy being 26, It's a comfortable number for me. I don't think I care for 27. Nope... not one bit.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card. Cute video! Boys are so funny! :)

yolandakavita said...

Hi Lulu!
What a fitting day for me to stumble accross your blog Promise to stop by AND leave a comment or two! Your oldest is such a peanut!
27's not so bad when you're staring down 35... believe me!
Take Care!

Isabelle said...

it's the 13th today! Happy Birthday!!!

Aleks said...

Happy Birthday Lulu! If it makes you feel better, my grandma turned 70 yesterday!

(((Hugs))) I turned 27 in March, it was REALLY hard for me to swallow too. I don't grow old quietly. :( Maybe you can feel better knowing you are 3 months younger than me! :D

Sharie said...

Happy Birthday yesterday! Your boy really looks like he's having such fun!

Isabelle said...

hey Lulu,

cute video of the boys, and don't worry Brady is 3.5 and i think i still baby talk to him sometimes.
i love your card and i visit often and i try to leave a comment everytime. don't worry i hardly get comments on mine...don't know why?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the crickets! *raises hand* I read you. I love seeing the new pictures of the boys and how big they have gotten. Happy birthday there too Mrs!
from WB/BB

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