Friday, June 6, 2008

He chopped up my heart!

This is an older LO that I've never posted.....
I don't think you can read the journaling so I'll paraphrase it.

I was cutting up a pepper for breakfast when I realized it formed a perfect heart! (I'm obsessed with hearts in nature) I gasped and ran upstairs in glee to find my camera.

By the time I'd come back Andrew had chopped up my heart! I couldn't believe it! He thought he was being helpful.. lol. I was soooo miffed, but got a good laugh because it just SO perfectly described us!

I see the beauty in everything, I'm a very sensitive faith driven, believer in all the good in the world kinda person. Andrew is very analytical, he likes numbers, and tends to see the glass as half empty. So to him, it was just a pepper that needed to be chopped, nothing else. Although it was very nice of him really because he thought he was helping me out.

Anyhow, the picture is an imposter! I had to cut up another pepper and take my picture ;)

Did you know it's Friday the 13th next week???

I love it when the happens... I guess it's the silly kid in me that wonders what crazy things will happen. Well next week something will happen. And it's so crazy I don't even want to talk about it. ;)

The first person to guess what C R A Z Y thing is going to happen gets a little RAK from me :) (Scrapbook related, obviously... hehe)


Isabelle said...

love the pepper story!

crazy thing that will happen....i'm don't know exactly but i'm gonna guess it has something to do with your photography business. am i right?!

Lulu said...

Nope! :)

Allette said...

So, this is the first time I've discovered your blog and I LOVE it! Your cards and scrap pages are gorgeous and You are gorgeous, too! LOVE your photography. I just finished Candice Stringham's "Oh Shoot" class and I WISH I had photos like yours of my boys when they were little.

Anyways--what CRAZY thing happened on the 13th? I don't see a post for that day!

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