Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't pee on your puppies!!!!

Who know that was all it would take to get him to potty train??? We tried M&M's, sticker charts, praise out the wazoo(Yes Vern we like Wazoo food), switching to underwear cold turkey, etc...

So the other day he says he wants underwear on.. Ok, who am I to say no? On go the monkey underwear. 15min later he is dancing around in a pee puddle with dripping monkey drawers.

Yeah, color me NOT impressed. Still, he demands more underwear. Fine, fine, here are some puppy ones. He wanders upstairs and I hear my mom telling him..
"Don't pee on your puppies Isaiah, they wouldn't like that!!!"
Me downstairs rolling my eyes thinking If ONLY it were that easy!

You know what? It was!! Geez Louise..

Anyhow, he is doing both #1&2 on the potty every time now! Woohoo!!!

No peeing on puppies in THIS house hold!

And since we all know posts are useless without pictures, and since my third baby is currently at the repair shop (think happy thoughts people),I had to use my point and shoot for this..... You've been warned.. :)


Isabelle said...

yay! Congrats Isaiah!!!

Ronda P. said...

congrats! And such a funny story. It took Anthony FOREVER to potty train!

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