Sunday, August 31, 2008


So my camera's health is actually a pretty easy fix, it was aparently the shutter button that crapped out, so It's off getting fixed. The bad thing is that it is going to take TWO weeks! Ahh! That's just not right. I have some cards and other things to photograph and I just can't do it with the Point and shoot camera... sigh. Not to mention I have a bunch of portfolio boosting shoots that I need to do asap! argh!

When it comes to my health, I'm really hoping no news is good news! Although I would really love to know what the heck all the pain is about..

Things are super busy here too, dentist appointment for Isaiah, shots for Griffin, pre-school starts Sept.1oth.... (sniff) Plus I need to sort out a bunch of businessy type stuff in the next few weeks, edit a zillion photo's, and finish the album I've taken on once again for someone else.

And Andrew wonders whey the house is always a disaster... :p

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Lacintha said...

Hey Lulu..found you while blog hopping.Cannot believe you took a pic of your blood being pulled..eeek! pics and awsome cards.
Have a great week :)

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