Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My kids eat spinach... do yours???

Ok, ok, they don't eat is per say... They drink it! And Kale, Arugula, Zuchini, and all sorts of wonderful green things like that :) And they beg for it!

And I am so thankful that they do!

Not many people understand the real importance of greens in our diet, but it's huge! I highly suggest this book.

I was making daily smoothies for my family before that, but now they are green smoothies, and we all like them better! Especially our bodies :)

One thing that makes things smoother (pun intended... *groan*) is our Vita-mix!
Yes, they are very expensive compared to regular blenders, but this is NO regular blender!
Used by restaurants all over, it is such an incredible machine! You can make so many things, including heated soup! I make a broccoli and cheese soup that was soooo yummy in it! I'm sure many of you scrapbookers have spent just as much on diecut machines, so why not spend the same for your health? I made all of Griffins Baby food in it too :)

Here are two YouTube video's about making the smoothies.



And here is a picture of today's smoothie. Which, sadly we ran out of greens so I just filled it with more fruit, and added a Zucchini to it. Good... but I missed the green part :p

Apart from the obvious, I like to add raw honey (so good for you), and hemp hearts, or ground flax seed. It's important to grind flax seed, because the whole seeds will go straight through you, and you won't get any of the goodness.

Eventually I was to eat 100% RAW.... But I'm taking it a smoothie at a time for now.

Oh, and I have a fun scrap booking secret coming up this month... Nothing huge, but it warranted a happy dance on my part. lol


Debbie :-) said...

We love our Vita-Mix and use it daily!! Can't go a day without our smoothies!!!

I read through your terrific blog!! Bookmarked it to my favs!!

Have a great day!

Isabelle said...

i would love to have one of these but my dh would kill me if i spent that much money on a blender although i understand how good it is. i'd love to be able to make "good" smoothie.

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