Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!!!!!!

Woohoo!!! I am so excited about this weekend! My DH has taken Isaiah up to visit his Grandparents for most of the weekend so I get to spend some major time scrapping! YAY! It's actually a bit shocking how many cards I've already made... *blush* But the mojo is going, and there are so many fun challenges out there, especially at 2peas.

Anyhow, there is also a FABULOUS sale over at Purple Onion Designs! 40% off all Alphabet stamps! Woo! And sales on many more, go check it out!

Purple Onion NSD Sale!!!!!

Next off I finally got around to getting a new picture of me up. Thanks to Emily's challenge over at Studio Calico. So, here I am Emily...

And yeah.. I'm totally guilty of smoothing over a few lines and blemishes in photoshop... LOL. Ssshhhh Don't tell! :)

I seriously have so many cards done I don't even know where to start!

But start I shall.

I know, I know what you are thinking... Can the girl make a card without using a stickpin?? Well the answer is no. ;)

Alright, I'll be back later with more creations. Stay tuned!


Ewonne said...

You are beautiful Lulu!!! What a gorgeous photo of you!
And your cards are amazing as well!

~dawne said...

Love your new picture.....looks so different from your other, but your hair is longer? Love your cards too, but you know I love everything you make.

Emily Pitts said...

oh so fun to see you. you do look so different than your other avatar on 2peas. this will take a bit of time to get used to the new you! looking so good! thanks for playing :) love this!

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