Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I know!

I'm terrible! I promise a tutorial, and then vanish. sigh.. Things got a wee bit busy here! For starters, I'm on antibiotics (UTI.. ugh), which seem to make me super tired, and we decided to paint out livingroom/kitchen/dining area! I always think painting sound like sooo much fun, then when it comes to doing it? Not so much. And all we've done is primed! Hubs picked up the top coat paint today, and is bringing it home soon. I'm excited to see it, but he says it's lighter than I'd pictured, so I might not be very happy about it... :(

ANYHOW... The tutorial. Something kinda funny happened in that Julie (Cosmo Cricket), posted a tutorial for the exact same star the very next day! LOL... Great minds think alike eh? So, you can go check out her blog post HERE. The only difference is that I used 4" squares instead of her 6", so my star is smaller, and since I used a smaller square I only made 3 cuts instead of 4. This will make sense if you go check out her pics! :)

So I thought I'd post a couple cards I had published in the October CARDS mag. I had 5 in total, but I'm going to share my favorite 3 from the issue.

Quite possible one of my favorite cards ever :)

Yummy October Afternoon...

And Cosmo Cricket of course! :)

Hope you are all doing well!! I might be busy over the next while with all the painting, PLUS we are re-doing our bathroom, and adding a ceiling to the kids floor & my scrapbook area. When we bought the house, it was unfinished for some reason... just the ceiling. Weird, but anyhow, 3.5yrs later I'm ready to not see wood beams! Well, I'd love if they were pretty wood beams, but they are not.. :p



Lea L. said...

These are all really cute!! Love them! Hope you are feeling better, and that the painting looks just how you want it to!


Jane said...

Love them!! I so agree with the painting....actually I like the painting part...not the preparing and cleaning up part! ;)

Isabelle said...

these cards are awesome! i can't pick a favorite.

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