Saturday, January 2, 2010

December Pubs.

Thought I'd share these 2 cards that were pub'd in the Dec CARDS magazine.

This first one was made with a Studio Calico kit.

This one truth be told, is not a favourite card of mine, and was shocked when it got picked up, so proof positive that you just never know what they are looking for :)

So, regarding the playroom, I'm thinking of doing the walls in a very light pale blue, and perhaps having one of the big long walls done in a fun orange colour. My parents have decided to buy some laminate for the floors, and I'm pretty excited about that! The flooring is currently half ugly carpet, and half linoleum. Yuck. So a light wood laminate will make all the difference I think too! I can't wait!
Still finishing up our bathroom before I share some before and after pics. It's a huge difference in there. :)

Here are just a few inspiration pics I'm using when I think of the playroom:
(Land of Nod)


Lea L. said...

Cute cards...they always do that to me too! Never pick up my faves....and pick up the ones that I don't think are that hot. Sigh...oh well- what can you do!

I bet your room is going to look fab! Can't wait to see photos!


moi said...

My boys would love the first room (I mean wall ;) They are nuts about planes ;)
I'm so happy for you. I know how exited I was when we rearrange our rooms.

hugs, moi

Keshka said...

Like the cards! I find that with layouts in the gallery, also--I never know which ones are going to be favorites!

Diana said...

GREAT cards! If you feel that way about your cards I guess I can keep trying, i always say it depends on their mood so just try EVERYTHING! :) I'm happy that you are getting wood laminate and that you have a plan for the room, you and your boys will LOVE it! :)

Glynis said...

Great Cards! Love the stitching detail and cute embellis.

I really like the grouping of airplanes in the first room, but I think kids would be happy in any of your choices!

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