Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Well.. 2010 came in with a furry for us!

Shortly after midnight I decided to transfer Griffin from the chair he'd fallen asleep in to the bed, and when I picked him up he made the most horrible wet chesty cough that made my heart sink. (His 3day fever had broken that day and I thought he was on the mend...)

So I phoned our 24hr nurses hotline to seek advice.. Once she heard his cough over the phone she said
"He needs to see someone IMMEDIATELY!"
Oh my word! I think I hung up on her right there and then and we drove like crazies to the hospital. Which thankfully is pretty close to us.

In the end there was nothing they could do for him, and apparently he is just holding mucus and won't spit it up, so we need to keep him well hydrated and things should just clear up on their own. It was just that as he slept horizontally it was all collecting, and when he was up and awake for awhile waiting to see the Doctors he was able to swallow it and breathe ok.
Or at least something along those lines.. I'm no Doctor. :p
I feel so bad for him, he just has this tiny little high pitched voice, and just wants to snuggle all day. My poor baby :( I am still sick with the same thing too, so we are quite the pair.

ANYhow... Onwards and upwards with this year, right???? :)

Btw, this is why I've had such little to share, here is what my scrapping area looks like right now:

Disasterous isn't it??
Well, my area is in one big room that is also the kiddo's playroom, and the middle floor of the house, which for some reason never had a ceiling, just open beams, pipes, etc. So everything is all crazy while it gets drywalled, mudded, taped, and sanded.

I have pulled everything off my peg boards, and my glass topped corner desk is out of it's spot, and hopefully the plastic sheets will keep most of the dust and dirt off my stuff, but I'm not holding out hope. ;) All my Cosmo Cricket stuff is safely down stairs where I've taken over our kitchen table to scrap for CHA. DH is not a fan of this, but ah well.

I'm going to need help picking out colours for that room when it's done though.... All the boys toy storage is primary colours, but that's not exactly what I want in my scrap corner. Hmmm...
I need help!

I have a few New Year resolutions, but I'm not going to post them till I polish up my list, then I'll share so you all can keep me accountable! ;)

I'll also post the winner of my giveaway soon, just not today. I'm ready to go back to bed. lol.


Cate said...

My living room/scrap room is painted aqua, and I love it! It's been this way for about five years, and I'd do it again. It's so bright!

I hope you and Griffin feel better soon!

Glynis said...

I too have aqua, with a little citrus green and a lot of white! I love how cheery and fresh it feels for a basement room. My cielings are in need of drywall as well. I shiver to see what I have coming....
Hope you both feel better soon. We all had it over Christmas, and am glad to be back to normal.

Diana said...

sorry to hear about your little one, sure hope he feels better soon! Good luck with your room--sure is hard picking colors....hope to see your stuff at CHA! :)

kimmi said...

thanks for the comments! :)

cant wait to see your completed space! sorry about your little one.. mines been down too. its such a horrible feeling knowing that there's nothing that you can do to make it better for them :( sending warm hugs and get well wishes your way!

moi said...

Poor little baby, it was a nightmare for you. I hope you are feeling better now.

For the room my first choice was green and blue, but then again, this is a room for playing (children's and yours ;) so I'll go for orange with green and yellow and red patterns. I'm thinking of flowers and leaves or so.

It's your room, so you must feel the colour.

Good luck, moi

Jane said...

Happy New Year!!
Oh poor thing!! That sucks! I hate it when my kids are sick!

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