Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hey guys! I'm so excited for today, it's the end of February, and it's one of my closest friends baby showers. I actually used my sewing machine for something OTHER than paper, and made her an adorable baby blanket if I do say so myself :) I'll share a pic later, but for now want to share some Cosmo Cricket goodies.

First up, another Joy Ride Card..

CardBase: Creative Cafe
Patterned Paper: Cosmo Cricket
Chipboard: Cosmo Cricket
Stickers: Cosmo Cricket
Buttons: Cosmo Cricket
Pearls: Kaiser Crafts

And now I have a super easy peasy home decor frame.

This is the original frame. It's incredibly heavy, but the picture size is super small.

So I just took a sheet from the Nutmeg 6x6 paper pad, and covered the front of the frame. I attached it with glue dots to really stick.

Next I took one of the CC Spinner cards, and I'm sorry I forgot the before pic of it, but I just cut out the circle part, and used my scissors to make snips around each of the pie slices. It automatically sent to the tilted pieces shown in the pic below. But to make sure it stayed that way I added pop-dots to the one side, and glue to the other. In the end I doubled up the pop dots, so they were two high.

Then I simply stuck it to the paper. SO simple.

And I have to say that I think it looks pretty good for something so simple.

And here it is on our Entertainment unit bookcase. The kids love to change where the arrow points.

Ok, that's it for now, hope you all have a fantastic day!! :)


Scrapamum said...

Wholly cuteness!!!

Dana said...

Simply adorable!! :)

~dawne said...

LoVE both of these...genius idea on the card spinner. I have one of those I never used...might have to break it out!!

kmassman said...

Love it. I love the spinner idea--maybe a cute layout will be in the works...

Hester said...

Love the frame with spinner card!

Laura said...

This is a really cute idea and I can see how children would enjoy it!

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