Thursday, April 8, 2010

Give something away.

I really try not to drink any pop.. But every once in a blue moon I drink one. I drank a Jones Soda Cream Soda the other day, and if you've never had a Jones Soda, there is always a fortune cookie type sentiment in the lid.

Well, when I opened it up to drink I read the lid and it simply said "Give something away".
I kept it to photograph, but DH got rid of it before I got the chance :p

Anyhow, so I'm doing a different kind of giveaway. I plugged 1-50 into the good old random integer generator, and pulled a name from the last 50 comments on my blog. :)

My little way of saying thanks for reading, and commenting!

The winner is Keshka!

So, send me an email at springwedding(at)shaw(dot)ca

I will also have another giveaway coming up very soon :)

In other news.. we bought a car! :) Here is a picture of our new "baby".. or really Andrew's baby since I don't drive. lol.. There was no way we were getting 3 car seats into our old car. It's a Mazda 5, btw. Deceivingly spacious for our needs... 3 rows, 6 seats.


Diana said...

looks like FUN!!

Scrapamum said...

ooo the mini van! It will be perfect for your growing family!

Michelle said...

You will love all the space!! I love having a van.. so versatile!! I have to say I just LOVE your cards.. I have been perusing your blog tonight.. You are one talented lady!!! Lots of pub'd ones!!! Congrats to you!! How is the scrappy room coming?? Hope you are feeling ok!

Patti said...

Ohhhh.... what a sweet RIDE!!!!

Manda said...

Nice Wheels L. You will love the space.

Sarah said...

Oooh! Car envy! We looked at this and really liked it!

Keshka said...

Hee! Emailed you!

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