Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purple Day

Thought I'd share a quick little card today.

I loooove these little bee stamps, it's a single bee stamp from the Jacks World Cosmo Cricket set. Super cute.

Patterned Paper: Cosmo Cricket (Garden Variety)
Stickers: Cosmo Cricket (Garden Variety)
Button: Cosmo Cricket (Garden Variety)
Stamps: Bee;Cosmo Cricket (Jacks World), Sentiment;Stampin 'Up.
Ribbon: Craft Supply
Other: Hemp Cord

So on friday I looked at Isaiah's school schedule about 15min before class only to realize it was PURPLE day! He had nothing purple to wear, and I knew his heart would be broken if he had nothing purple to wear. So out came one of the super cheap white shirts I stock piled awhile ago, and some Cosmo Cricket Joy-Ride buttons.

I can't even tell you how PROUD he was to wear the shirt. In his 5yr old mind it was fabulous, and anyone who would listen got told that his mommy made it for him. :)
I'm so glad I spent the 10 min to sew the buttons on for that reaction. It's so the little things that just fill our hearts with joy.

Happy Sunday!


Diana said...

I love the purple day story--SO cute that he told everyone. At least yours held together. I made a dress for DD when she was about that age (I don't sew) anyway she wore it to church--happily telling everyone I made it. by the end of church the pockets were hanging by threads. Yeah, I haven't made anything sense!
Your stamped card is genius! :)

~dawne said... are the best mommy & creative too. What a wonderful memory you've created!!

Michelle said...

Oh, so sweet!!! I love your story!! Very cute card too!!

Manda said...

So cute. Both the shirt and his reaction to it. What an awesome mommy you are!!!

Manda said...

So cute. Both the shirt and his reaction to it. What an awesome mommy you are!!!

Carla G. said...

Way to go! You made lemonade from lemons in 10 minutes flat! Those are the events that make instant memories. How soon until you make a scrapbook page for it? I know that will be fabulous too!

gudrun said...

Oh, this shirt is so cute! Love it :)

Nenne said...

Brilliant use of a single stamp - inspiring! :D

Love the T, he sure looks happy with it too! :D

Jane said...

You're such a good and creative mama! ;)
LOVE your card!

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