Thursday, May 20, 2010


Bits and pieces I'm loving lately... - These people are accepting donations of HAIR, pet and people, and it goes to making these all natural Booms to collect oil from oil spills. They have even figured out something to DO with them afterwards. It's amazing. If you know/are a hairdresser, dog groomer, etc, you NEED to point out this site to them!

This Trailer. Although I know it's a teen movie, I'm still dying to see it. They had me with PokerFace in the trailer. hehe ;)

Excited to have gotten 2 of these in the mail today...

I am addicted to all those baby sites.. although most of my purchases come from Love love love this site!! :)

And finally, l am so loving the sweet sound of my baby's heart beat, which I heard for the first time
yesterday. It was simply magic!

I told you this was random. ;)


Keshka said...

I got the package and I love it! Thank you!

Carla G. said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I loved the trailer too....looks like a cute movie! BTW, are you going to be posting pics of the fabric stash you bought from fabricworm? I know, it's scary, but I remembered that post....have a good one!

Isabelle said...

that movie does look cute!
love that Woombie, my friend is pregnant with her third...this is something "new" and will make a great gift for her and the baby, thanks for sharing!

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