Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday blues.

Back with a scrappy post. :)

Did up a few more things with Cosmo's DeLovely line. First up is a little card set I've made for one of Isaiah's preschool teachers. She is young and fun so I thought the line was perfect for her!

Here are the simple cards that I made up. ANYone can make these cards. :)

I also made this page a bit ago. It was done using one of the sketches from the Ella E-Book, Stretch your Sketches. I always love a good sketch, and there are some great ones in there!!! :) Went pretty simple once again.

I am actually really under the weather right now... again. :( Just laying low, taking my medication and trying to feel better. The plus side is I've been reading a ton of books, and there is something fabulous about snuggling in bed reading a great novel. The library and I are fast becoming BFF's. :)


Keshka said...

These are all beautiful! Feel better!

Carla G. said...

Good to "see" you again Laurie! Enjoy your books and rest up!

Kathy Martin said...

So lovely! You really rock the delovely! :)

Jane said...

LOVE LOVE your projects!

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