Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look who's 2 months old!

Why my sweet Everett Atley is :)

At 2months he:

Now loves his soother (quite the change since last month, as we introduced a different kind)

Will pretty much only nap in his swing or on Mommy

Has started to laugh already. Full on giggles, it is ADORABLE.. but hard to get. He has only laughed so far at Mommy hitting her head on the fish above the swing, and when Mommy makes him "kick" his big brothers and they laugh. It's contagious!

Is starting to sleep a wee bit better at night, but still snuggles with me while Daddy sleeps on the cough (his choice, he gets a better night sleep there, plus he snores.. lol ;)

Makes me walk around with him all day, or he gets fuuuuussy!

Pukes all the darn time. Like I'm talking 3 outfit changes in under an hour.

Really likes to know where sounds are coming from and will turn his head if he hears Daddy talking somewhere else in the room.

Prefers to be naked, so if he's super fussy I'll strip him down if it's warm enough. Can you blame him?

Is cooing at us every now and then. I sometimes hear "la la" ... :)

Hmm.. thats all I can think of at the moment... ;) I need to weigh him too, I keep forgetting!


em said...

ahhh! that last photo is priceless! :)

Jane said...

hello!!! how SWEET is he!!!!!

Kimberli said...

He's adorable!! Baby giggles are the best!

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