Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Middle Favourites..

Thought I'd do another favourite things set of posts, this time for the boys in my life :)  I'll probably spread it out over a few posts too.. Give me something to blog about.  Plus I know what it's like sometimes trying to think of gifts for kids so I always like seeing reviews of toys and things.

My Middle and my little.

Starting with my Middle... who is going to turn 4 this month.  His current loves?

Toy Story Bucket o Soldiers  He plays with these guys all the darn time.  I often find scenes like this set up around the house.  He also used them as "garbage" for his garbage trucks.  lol

Which brings us to his next big love.  Imaginext.  Santa brought some for both boys this year, and they were big hits with this kid who for the past 2yrs has only wanted Garbage Trucks, and MORE Garbage trucks.  ;)

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave  We bought this before christmas for a steal, more than half off, and the kiddo's love it.  It is marked as ages 3-8, and Both the Big and the Middle love it.  They also have all of Hubby's action figures from when he was a kid and they often get mixed in as shown in the next picture.  :)

Now Garbage/Recycle Trucks.. sigh.  We have quite a few, and I'll tell you my fav's and not so fav's.

Green Toys Recycle Truck

Green  Recycle Truck
I like this guy because it is made out of recycled plastics.  It gets a fair amount of play, has not broken which is a huge bonus, but it's not loved as much as the next one.

Tonka Mighty Motorized Green Garbage Truck
This is our original garbage truck that started the obsession.  See that front black piece?  It broke off very quickly.  Which, is rather disappointing but has not effected the plat time.  It also has this REALLY annoying beeping noise that the boy likes to turn on and walk away from.  I then end up hunting around the house to find it and turn it off.  But, it's all good since this guy gets played with eeeevery single day.  It also survived being thrown off a second floor balcony.  That's got to stand for some thing too right??? ;)
The price is kinda high, but you can get a similar orange version from Costco at Christmas time which we have too ;)  I've seen it for the past 2 years there.'

My least favourite is ironically the most expensive one.  

Matchbox Stinky The Garbage Truck
It is obnoxiously noisy, and the voice is quite hard to understand, I've asked Griffin to repeat what it says and he hardly has a clue.  It does "eat" matchbox cars which is rather cool... but again, it gets played with the least.  But, it does get played with so is definitely not a total loss in the toy department.  :)

When it comes to books, he again loves all things garbage trucks. And even though this is a board book and a bit below him, he laps it up every single time.

I Stink!

They do a series of books, all just as fun, but this is his favourite.

This kid will sit and read books on his own for hours if left unattended.  He really loves the leapfrog tag system.
  LeapFrog TAG Reading System - Green
LeapFrog TAG Reading System 

He loves that it can read the book to him, and there are little games to play within the pages too.  At least I know there is on the ToyStory book, which is his favourite one.

That sums up my random little post for the day ;)

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Michelle said...

My youngest was 4 in December. He LOVES his bucket of soldiers too!! He plays in my silk plants and has ambushes with them. They are always all over with a ton of other toys. Legos are another of his favs right now, along with anything Toy Story and Cars. Love the photos of your boys!!! They are oh so cute!!!!

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