Friday, June 3, 2011


Deep down, I am shy, self conscious, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I sometimes think it is a true blessing I am not raising girls these days.  Because I would never want them to be as introverted as I am.

I think boys are so different.  I know (most of the time) what to do with them.. I am trying to raising them to be kind gentlemen.  They love to open the door for me, and they know ladies go first.  They bring me flowers all the time, even when there is a little more dirt then flowers ;)

But even still it's a battle with my wits often on the line.  I have a soft sensitive boy, and I have a independent, stubborn as a mule boy..  I'm too hard on the sensitive boy some times, and his Daddy is too easy on him.  The stubborn one sometimes I let things slide as it's not worth the battle with him, yet his Daddy never does, and they bash heads.  I struggle with getting us on the same page.  So many personality's in one house.  It's kind of amazing, and tiring.

Today, I am tired.  I've put my foot in my mouth a few times today, and can't seem to get it out.  Feeling a bit lost.

How's that for a random post?

Hope your day is better than mine!! I think I need an IcedCapp or something. :)


A_MOMS_LIFE said...

Man, I feel the same way sometimes (shy, self conscious)! Sometimes it is hard for me to put things into words and then when I do I am to embarassed to put them on my own blog. Hope you have a better day tomorrow! :) PS I always love looking at your cards!

Wendy Sue said...

aw, sorry you're having a cruddy day...I hope things turn around soon so it can end a happy day! Your card is beautiful. :o) hugs!!

em said...

It's funny...I see my daughter as being JUST like me...kinda crazy, silly, a giant klutz. ;) But now that I have a son I just have NO clue what he will be like!! And 10 years it could all be different again! Hang in there. You're doing a great job! :)

Michelle said...

ahhh... the joys of parenthood!!! I have two stubborn as a mule children. My middle is the soft hearted one. She is the one who wears her heart on her sleeve. The other two, stubborn as the day is long! Hang in there!! We all have days like that! I know I have had plenty. Oh, I am the disciplinarian in our family. My DH... a push over the oldest has called him. He and I have "discussions" about me always having to be the bad guy.

Your card... absolutely gorgeous!! Just love your work! I hope your day ended better! :)

Marinette said...

Merveilleuse, j'adore le choix des couleurs!
Hope your day will be better today!

Carla G. said...

Hang in there girl! These are the days we will look back on when they are older and more independent! I have an 11 and 8 year old (both girls) and I am finding lately that I miss the little things that used to bug me and that I used to complain about. We are not perfect and should be allowed to have a bad day now and then! Take care and remember there's always tomorrow!

Virginia said...

i think you are doing a fabulous job of raising your boys - as mom to one boy your blog is a source of inspiration for me...I was so nervous when i found out i was having a boy b/c yes I do think girls are more complex/complicated there is something uniquely challenging about raising a teaching them it's ok to be emotional (good even!) - so hang in there...I also think all the feelings you described are totally normal and we've all been there before :)

Susan said...

Love your pensive, sweet and sensative blog. Sending you big hugs.
Amd soon to be sending you a big package! :)

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