Monday, June 13, 2011


Hard to believe that today marks 30yrs on planet earth for me.  Suddenly 30 doesn't seem so old.  ;)

My 20's were the best years of my life, so I have high hope for my 30's!  Excited to see where life will take my little family.

Here is a card I made for the Garden at 2peas.  If you didn't already know, every Monday the new seeds are posted in the designer garden.  Always worth a peek or two! :)


:) :) :)  Happy Monday!


Marinette said...

Happy Birthday! Joyeux anniversaire!!
Ta carte est merveilleuse, c'est du bonbon pour les yeux;)

Hollie Shepard said...

Happy Birthday!!

Virginia said...

happy birthday! i know i used to think 30 was old too - then i turned 30 this year and now i'm still sort of in shock ;)

Carla G. said...

Happy, happy birthday!! We are close in birthdays but so far in age...I will celebrate my 42nd birthday on the 16th!! You are a fabulous thirty!! I hope you had fun!

Keshet said...

Happy late birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day:) Love the card!

Karen said...

Didn't see this on your birthday, but Happy (late) Birthday! It's funny how our idea of "old" keeps changing as we age.

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